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Gennaro "The Broker" Savarese

I was born, one bright day in the middle of the night, back on February 5th, 1957 in Boston, Ma. I have traveled quite extensively in my life, and have lived and traveled over seas in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, and mainly central Europe.

My father is a self made man of Italian descent and his expertise was running restaurants in New York City. What he learned early on is to having one’s money working hard so that you don’t have to. When my father was about 35 years of age became a heavy investor in the markets and quit work, so I was raised in the environment of buy, sell, hold, and the continuous review of stock charts and investment articles.

Since I was raised the old fashion way….. if your father was a carpenter then you would become a carpenter….. thank God my father was a heavy investor because when I was 12 years old, I wanted to become a broker. Education was very important to my family so after graduating from Palm Spring High School, I was off to college.

My freshman year at college I went to United States International University in Evian, France. After my freshman year, I transferred to the University of San Diego, where I graduated in 1979 with a B.B.A.

Then I was off to get a job and joined Merrill Lynch in 1980 where I started in the back office-(Cashiering, Margin, Correction Control, Order Entry) I stayed in the back office for 3 ½ years and was promoted to Assistant Operation Manager. Once I learned all that I could and was able to handle 35-40 brokers and all their problems, I ventured off to become a broker.

In September 1983, I joined Batemen Eichler Hill & Richard and was given 3 weeks to study for the test (Series 7) to become a broker, which I passed. After that I worked long and hard and learned more about investing (what works and what doesn’t). I focused mainly on the Bond markets. I stayed with Bateman Eichler until they closed out of the San Diego County and became Kemper Securities.

After Batemen Eichler closed out of San Diego, I joined Prudential Securities in Rancho Bernardo California. At Prudential Securities, I focused on third party money management where you could get a Top High Qualified Money Manager. After about 3 years or so with Prudential Securities, I joined Dean Witter Reynolds who was more focused on the retail clients.

As time went along Dean Witter bought Morgan Stanley and became Dean Witter Morgan Stanley. Then as time went along they dropped the Dean Witter and became known as Morgan Stanley. After 5 ½ years at Morgan Stanley, the brokers were informed that we will have to do 150% more in business to make the same money. This was an effect of a 50% cut in pay. By this time I was married and adopted two children and was not able to afford a major cut in pay.

So I left Morgan Stanley in September 1999 and joined Spelman & Company. Spelman & Company was a brokerage firm that specialized in the independent broker. There were no sale quotas, no fund of the month, no special product to sell to the client. The atmosphere at the firm was client first, then the broker, and the firm came in last.
Brokers were given the freedom to do what was in the best interest of the client first and not the firm. I became an office manager and ran an office of 11-12 brokers. As time went on AIG Financial Advisors purchased Spelman & Company and the name changed 3 years later to AIG Financial Advisors. The firm’s culture changed and the firm was in the “first” spot.

In Oct ober of 2006 we moved the office from AIG Financial Advisors to Securities America where the culture is back to the client first, then the broker, and the firm dead last. Securities America as of November 7th 2011 is a wholly owned subsidiary of LadenburgThalmann. Ladenburg Thalmann was founded in 1876 and has been a member of the New York Stock Exchange since 1879.It should be noted that Ladenburg Thalmann did not take any TARP Funds. Securities America just celebrated their 25 years in business and I believe the key to their success is that all their corporate executives keep the interests of the client first. They are also headquartered in Omaha, NE and they understand this is a service base business and that the client comes first.

I am currently operating as a branch office of Independent Financial Group, LLC.

At my firm, there are no quotas, no fund of the month, no pressure to sell anything to the clients. The atmosphere and culture of the organization is deeply rooted in customer service, so that we can focus on your needs, wants, and your goals. Whether to fund your retirement, or make sure your kids or grandkids will have enough funds to go to college, we are here to help and do what is best for the client. 

Licenses California Insurance # 0A01723

Series: Ser 7- General Securities, Ser 63- Multi-States, Ser 65- Investment Advisor, Ser 24- General Securities Principal, and Ser 53- Municipal Securities Principal

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck