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Invest for Growth

Consider investing in companies that exhibit signs of above-average growth

Why Consider Investing for Growth?

  • You want to accumulate wealth by minimizing taxes.

  • You don’t need the money for current needs and can wait to reap the benefits.

Over my 30 years in the securities industry, I have learned that investing in the markets one needs to do their homework. I have discovered that when you buy a stock you are buying the management team of that company. Like the old proverb when it comes to Real Estate it’s LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

So when it come to investing in stocks it’s Management, Management, Management, along with strong fundamental characteristics such as strong balance sheet, have an earned net cash flow return on investment that is above their peers, highly liquid, ability to generate earning growth and a record of financial strength and profit growth. 

So in a nut shell, consider investing in companies that have:

  1. A strong balance sheet

  2. Skilled management

  3. Highly liquid

  4. The ability to generate earning growth

  5. Record of financial strength and profit growth.

Once you have a selection process in place, we must be aware of the various sectors in the global markets and where to invest and how much of the assets to be placed where. Most analysts agreed that for years to come Emerging Markets is where the “Growth” will come from.(China, India, Brazil, Russia, Eastern Europe) All investing involves risk. Emerging Markets offer the most risk because they are not proven companies nor proven governments or market places. More risk means more reward, so asset allocation is crucial and your risk tolerance must be addressed.

This is not an exact science but probably the most critical to investing. In other words don’t put all your eggs in one basket and know how much risk (or loss) you are willing to take. Once you have your asset allocation, implement your selection process in each of the wanted allocation. In other word, once you know what sectors then use your selection process to pick the stocks. Consultation with the appropriate professional should be done before any financial commitments regarding the issues related to the material above are made.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck